In His sermon on the mount, Jesus redefined the Law and our way of living. Declaring that He has fulfilled the Law and through his finished work on the cross, we can now live from a standpoint of righteousness instead of working for it.


Join us on our series, “Redefined,” as we do a journey through one of the most well-known teachings of Jesus. At the end of the series, may we  have an understanding that Jesus is the fulfilment of the Law, resulting in a renewed mindset and lifestyle according to God’s Kingdom. 


Check out the list of weekly topics:

July 2: A Christian’s Character: The Beatitudes

July 9: A Christian’s Influence: Salt And Light 

July 16: A Christian’s Righteousness: Jesus And The Law 

July 23: Concerning Murder And Anger 

July 30: Concerning Adultery and Lust; Fidelity in Marriage 

August 6: Telling the Truth: The Swearing Of Oaths 

August 13: Non-Retaliation 

August 20: Active Love 

August 27: Spiritual Disciplines

September 3: Lord’s Prayer 

September 10: God and Possessions 

September 17: Worry and Anxiety 

October 8: Judging Others 

October 15: Asking, Seeking, Knocking 

October 22: Entering The Kingdom of God 

October 29: The Two Foundations 


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